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PTI will end corruption within 90 days after coming into power says Imran Khan

SWAT: Pakistan Tehreek Insaf Chairman, Imran Khan said that they will end corruption within 90 days after coming into power.

He said this while addressing to the inauguration ceremony of 84 Mega Watt hydro power project in Swat on Friday.

Imran khan said that he is feeling very happy to start this hydro power project. The project will be completed within four years adding that no provincial government was started such big project before this while 72 investors has budding for six power projects in KP.

150 hydro power grids have been set up while more will be formulated in the next year that was provided electricity to 10, 00,000 houses. He went on to say that revolution will be happened after starting of such types of projects. The KP hospitals will be the model hospitals for other provinces.

Khan said that 34,000 school children were moved from private school to government schools in KPK.

He criticized government by saying that to stage demonstration against corruption is our political right.

Corruption is a cancer of our society that deteriorated it. No one invested in Pakistan due to corruption.

If government will honest then investment occurred. But PML (n) is only growing in advertisements.

IK said that in panama there was corruption of millions of rupees from the side of government but no one held accountable them instead if a poor man made a robbery he was caught and shifted behind the bars.

This is a system of injustice from which nations suffered. Therefore we have made a system which holds accountable the poor as well as rich also.

He said Chairman NAB only hold accountable to small ministers but not Nawaz as he was involved in 13 cases. Chairman NAB is a corrupt leader and transferred Rs 250 million in Dubai every month. All state institution has become the slaves of Sharif family.
Punjab police has made illegal appointments without any merit and IG Punjab has sit in the feet of CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif. He said wrong cases have been registered in police stations. He said three to four cases have been registered against him so what will the condition of a common man.

If government took illegal actions from police then how police will work honestly? He said due to politicizing of police crime rates have been increased day by day in Punjab.
He mentioned that last day in Lahore his relative MNA Inam Ullah Niazi was looted at gunpoint in Lahore the Mall. He said Ina mullah has payed the cost of leaving me.He also condemned that arrests and shelling on PTI supporters by Punjab police was totally illegal saying Government has been used its police to save its corruption.
Khan said that KP police have lauded everywhere and he was proud of it.



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